Terri Sweeney | Media is dedicated to supporting organisations and individuals to convey their message with impact across all media and formats.

If you or your organisation need a media strategy and ambitious ideas to help you engage new audiences or customers – via TV and radio, online, the socials, print, events, games or apps – then look no further.

Terri Sweeney

The consultancy was founded by Terri Sweeney who has particular expertise in broadcasting cohesive educational and political campaigns with ‘calls to action.’

She has also project managed large scale public events for the BBC, with immersive experiences, and raised awareness and engagement on a range of topical subjects from HIV/AIDS to political engagement.

Terri’s clients have included The University of Manchester, CBBC, The Dept. of Transport, Reform Radio, WRAP – the food waste reduction charity, a youth extremist prevention scheme and other UK-based charities.

Terri is also a Trustee for AidCamps International, a UK registered charity that builds schools, community centres and maternity units in developing economic communities in Africa and South Asia.